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Frequency and length of sessions:

Individual therapy sessions are 50 minutes in length and typically scheduled on a weekly basis.  Special arrangements can be made for longer or more frequent sessions at the client’s request.


The standard fee per session is $150.  Most clients pay by electronic transfer on a monthly basis - an invoice and receipts are provided.  Other options include paying by cash or cheque.  Payment arrangements will be reviewed at the commencement of therapy

Health Insurance Coverage:

In the case that some or all of the fees are covered by your insurance, an official receipt can be provided upon payment.  Any additional reports that are necessary for health insurance providers will be prepared at a reasonable extra fee.  Some costs can also be claimed as a tax deduction; an annual receipt will be provided.

Cancelation Policy:

Sessions are typically scheduled a week in advance.  If you will miss or need to reschedule an appointment, the expectation is that you will give 24-hours notice.  If you fail to give such notice, you will be responsible for paying for that session.

"The patient does not remember anything  at all of what  they have forgotten and repressed, but  rather acts it  out.  They reproduce it  not  as a memory, but  as an action; they repeat  it  - without  of course being aware of  the  fact   that   they are repeating it."

- Sigmund Freud

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