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David Collins RP

Registered Psychotherapist

Congratulations, for taking the first step   towards   better  emotional

well-being. Entering therapy can be

a daunting decision. What can I tell  you that might make this step easier?


Every person's therapy is unique. It will follow your life, both past and present. Primarily, therapy will be a safe space where every worry or concern you have will be acceptable for discussion and analysis. It may frequently be difficult, but there will also be joy and freedom. And I can assure you that 'the talking cure' can bring about deep and lasting change in your life.

" The use of empathy is inherent  to the conduct  of all effective psychotherapy

- feeling the world from the patient's point of view, and not according to

how the therapist  thinks the patient  should or must  be feeling."

 - Sarah Fels Usher.
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